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R.I.P.D. – Demo reel shot – Behind the scenes

March 9, 2019



In 2011 Universal Studios and Image Engine worked on a VFX creature show – this time a supernatural action adventure film, based on a comic book from Dark Horse Comics, called R.I.P.D. which is the acronym for Rest In Peace Department.

Different stages in a Hollywood VFX shot-From acting reference, animation to the final shot in the movie.
All rights belong to Universal Studios and Image Engine Design.

Founder and Educator, Eddie Chew, was the animator on the creature Nawicki and Clement. Both creatures are disguised as humans throughout the movie and eventually begin to morph into their ‘Deado’ form- a CG version of un-dead souls in the film.

Different stages of Clement in R.I.P.D – Images belong to Universal Studios and Image Engine Design

Chew remarks on the process relating to the images, “A VFX shot in a movie goes through many stages before and after it reaches the animation department. On this (R.I.P.D.) project the references would arrive for the animation as the actors’ performance and we (animators) would translate them into our CG characters. We were also able to add our own ideas in addition to their performance which allowed the creation of a more complex personality for the film.”

Another shot from Eddie Chew’s demo reel to showcase behind the scenes in a VFX shot.
All rights belong to Universal Studios and Image Engine Design.
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