DEECON Anime & Animation Convention

On April 20th, our Founder and Educator, Eddie Chew participated in the the annual Dee-Con Convention where he presented a quick lesson on “How to Animate for a Hollywood Movie.” The full presentation is available here with Q&A.

DeeCon is a student run animation and games convention held every year in Dundee, Scotland. It is organised by 3rd year animation students at Duncan Of Jordanstone College of Art and Design (DJCAD). This year DeeCon celebrated its 10 year anniversary. DeeCon is Dundee’s largest anime, animation and gaming convention and is also one of Scotland’s most popular anime events. It takes place every year around April. Dee-Con showcases events for fans of animeart and video game culture. For more information on Dee-Con and its founders, programs and media visit them here.

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