19 reasons why you’re not getting a job in vfx, games or animation– by Andrew McDonald

Written by Andrew MacDonald | Co-founder @ The Rookies

Instead of setting the bar so high, show skills that will support the lead artists instead. Spend time creating background assets and even props that the hero characters might interact with.” Andrew McDonald

This sums up part of why we do what we do at Griffin Animation Academy. We find students, and animators leaving school without those beautiful shots for their portfolio. It’s killing their chances for opportunities, success and to advance their careers.

Having a killer demo-reel is crucial for your success. Read more below, and to work on your killer demo reel shot, we mean that, connect with us asap on our website or here. We still have online spots for one on one skills refining.

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To discover and learn how to create exciting and dynamic animation for your demo reel here at Griffin Animation Academy visit our courses page and register for ‘The Best Shot you’ve Ever Worked On’ or ‘Photo-realistic Creatures in Movies’ online courses.

Animation by Marcelo Munoz-Griffin Animation Academy student
The ‘Photo-realistic Creatures in Movies’ course comes with free Maya scene, high-res plates and match moved camera for students to animate in.
Dinosaur Indominus Rig by CGTroung

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