Matchmoved Maya scenes for your Photo-realistic Creature animation

PREVIEW NOW! Griffin Animation Academy’s 9 Match moved Maya scenes. Available for you when you enroll into our ‘Photo-realistic Creatures in Movies’ course.

High resolution plates and accurate environments to create professional and realistic looking shots straight from a Hollywood VFX creature movie ready for you to animate.

The ‘Photo-realistic Creatures in Movies’ course is designed for those beginning their Animation Careers, students, Junior Animators and Intermediate Animators who want to specialize in high-end Visual Effects Films animating Photo realistic Characters or Creatures with precision in the following :

  • A highly detailed and photo realistic demo-reel shot(s) using a character or creature rig that resembles any Hollywood movie.
  • A creative and technical work methodology involving high quality film footage with match moved Maya scenes used in creating high quality animation for film.
  • To gain confidence from the tools and skill-set of a proven workflow to produce high-end Animation.

Griffin Animation Academy would like to thank Dietrich Magnus for supplying these professional looking tracked plates for our ‘Photo-realistic Creatures in Movies’ course. More information can be found on Dietrich at:

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