Leap of Fate

Griffin Animation Academy is proud to announce the first student to successfully complete ‘The Best Shot You’ve Ever Worked On’ 8 week online course- Hakob Muradyan. Hakob exemplified hard work, passion, attention to detail, creativity and the result of his tireless effort has been nothing short of impressive.

Griffin Animation Academy ended up being fate for the Yerevan, Armenia native- without a large animation industry in his local area, Hakob had to research and look elsewhere to further develop his skills to match his passion for animation and film making.

I first fell in love with animation when I was 18 and since then I had a dream to work for animation studios like Disney, Dreamworks and Sony. If you are born in a small country like Armenia, your chances to achieve those dreams are low. “ It was with his persistence and a chance meeting with founder and educator Eddie Chew in 2017 that Hakob had made a connection. Chew had been in Armenia en-route to Mumbai, India with a short stopover in Yerevan to talk to animation students at TUMO, a creative design school. It was there that Hakob first met Eddie. When Griffin Animation Academy was launched in 2018, Hakob made the decision to pursue his passion.

“I realize that this was the best choice I’ve ever made in my career. I have learned more in 8 weeks at Griffin Animation Academy than the past 12 months learning through other mediums. I’ve learned so much “ Hakob remarks.

To see the impressive work that Hakob was able to create and to gain insight, enroll or for more information visit our course page and ‘The Best Shot You’ve Ever Worked On’.

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