NEW-EXPRESS PACKAGES–A polished demo reel shot in 12 days

Griffin Animation Academy now offer express packages to help polish up your personal animated shots which you can quickly add to your animation demo reels.

You can have a polished demo reel shot within 12 days!  Purchase 5 revisions for $600 CAD and in 12 days you will have added another polished and professional animated shot to your demoreel! This includes :

  • 5 x Detailed video capture sessions recorded of my feedback emailed to you. (30-60 mins each)
Animation by Pranav Virdi

SINGLE REVIEW–with recording

We also give out individual reviews for any shots you are working on for $160 CAD per session (Which range from 45-80mins) and includes a recording of your feedback.

Animation by IK Charles

Perfect for every animator who needs:

-To bring up the quality of their demo reels.

-Who are applying for jobs in animation and VFX Feature Films.

-Those can’t commit to our specialized 8 week online courses

Animation by Natalie Spangler

Each animator must have their own idea or personal work already in progress.

To purchase our express packages visit:

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