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Griffin Animation Academy’s current 2019 -Webinar roster and special guests

June 23, 2019



Griffin Animation Academy are very excited to present our current line-up of special guest speakers for 2019. Our QnA Webinar extends a platform of informal presentations and candid discussions while allowing questions from viewers to be asked so everyone is a participant.

Our current line-up of special guest speakers come from the best VFX and animation studios in the world.

To register email greygriffin369@gmail.com


22 June–‘Stylistic animation on Spider-man:Into the Spider-verse’ IN THE PAST

Sony Imageworks and ANNIE award winner – Senior Animator – David Han



Industrial, Light and Magic Lead Animator Alfonso Sicilia.

The 20th of July– Saturday at 12pm Pacific Daylight Time
Time zone in Vancouver, BC (GMT-7)
Saturday, July 20, 2019, 12 p.m.

24 August--‘The art of blending 2d and 3d Animation in the Magical animated short Film Across the Bridge

Scanline VFX layout artist/animator/CG generalists Alisha Steinberger/Chao Wu.


21 September-‘Advanced Facial Animation–WETA Digital Wizardry’

Animation Supervisor at WETA Digital – Aidan Martin


19 October-‘The Power of Posing in Animation–The Revenant and Captain Marvel’

Animation Supervisor and ANNIE award winner from Industrial, Light and Magic – Adrian Millington

23 November- ‘Norman’s Island–The Epic Creation of An Animated Adventure’

Senior Animator – Industrial, Light and Magic/Creator of Norman’s Island


14 December–‘Animating Giants- The Robots and Creatures of Pacific Rim:Uprising’

Animation Supervisor – Jeremy Stewart



20 January 2020–‘The principles of Pre-Visualization and Layout Design for Movies’

Scanline VFX artist – Jason Chee

22 February 2020–‘The Jigsaw Puzzle Methodology for Animation-The Artistry of Action’

Senior Animator -Lerm Wattanawongtrakool


If you would like to become a special guest speaker for Griffin Animation Academy please contact greygriffin369@gmail.com

Scheduling may change.

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