Griffin Animation Academy partners with CG Dailies

Griffin Animation Academy are proud to announce the exciting new partnership with CG Dailies.

Co-Founders Alfonso Sicilia and Felipe de Jesus have created CG Dailies to provides a marketplace for high quality 3d assets, tools and plugins for Games and VFX software.

Griffin Animation Academy was founded in 2018 by Eddie Chew after over 15 years in the film animation industry.

Our Mission at Griffin Animation Academy is to prepare animators by refining their technical and creative skills so they can work in the best animation studios in the world.

Our Vision is to lead the way in personalized VFX training for animation professionals looking to jump into exciting high end film careers.

Our Values encompass everything we do and believe in. We believe in offering our students the highest level of technical, creative and educational expertise through thoughtfully crafted courses with a clear outcome.

To purchase Griffin Animation Academy’s 8 week online animation courses and high end quality 3d assets and tools for Games and VFX then visit

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