Robot Assassin

Big congratulations to Marcelo Munoz for completing ‘The Best Shot You’ve Ever Worked On’ online animation course at Griffin Animation Academy. Marcelo set out to create an exciting and dynamic animated demo-reel shot to stand out from the crowd and exceeded all expectations with his action-packed animation.

“His confidence level just exploded!” says Founder and Educator of Griffin Animation Academy, Eddie Chew. “Once Marcelo learned to relax and trust in the process his growth skyrocketed and it translated successfully into his work”.

To truly make the characters believable in their environments is to make them interact with their surroundings and with the help of talented FX artist, Sarayut Thomgard, worked closely with Marcelo to create the professional looking animation ‘Robot Assassin’.

I’m very proud of these two”, Eddie Chew remarks. “They should be very proud of what they’ve achieved in 8 weeks. They have a bright future ahead of them”.

Marcelo is now an Animator at MPC, Montreal in Canada working on a VFX Feature Film and Sarayut is a Lead FX artist at YGGDrazil Group Co. LTD.

To follow in the footsteps of Marcelo’s impressive work enrol or for more information visit our course page and ‘The Best Shot You’ve Ever Worked On’

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