Webinar | 8 February 2020 | ‘How to breakdown Animation Frame by Frame’ | Guest Speaker Senior Animator – Arran Baker

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‘How to breakdown Animation Frame by Frame’

Senior Animator
Speaker–Arran Baker
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VANCOUVER, Canada, British Columbia
11:30am Sat, Feb 8 2020
LONDON, United Kingdom, England
7:30pm Sat, Feb 8 2020

“Without doubt, in animation each frame is important, every movement defines the character.” -Lucrecia Martel – film director/screenwriter


Currently working at Jellyfish Pictures, Arran Baker has developed skills in character performance and body mechanics. Receiving daily feedback from his leads and supervisors has allowed Arran to finesse his acting skills and body mechanics in animation. 

In his spare time, Arran , creates personal animated shots to hone his craft and after watching Spider-man:Into the Spider-verse he was inspired to create his own animated shot which went viral. You can watch it here:

Arran then put together a detailed making of video who was then contacted by  the founder of Frame by Frame, Max Pilome. Max saw a personal breakdown Arran made for twitter which was rather successful and asked him to join as a freelance content creator.

Frame by Frame are a multi social media group that educate artists in animation through visual breakdowns. They use the principles of animation as well as other techniques learned in industry to illustrate how selected shots were crafted. They also use these techniques from real life studies. Illustrations are also something they’ve began breaking down, such as compositions, value, flow and design. Arran’s role as a content creator and an animator is to break down specifically character animated shots using the principles such as posing, breakdowns and graphic shapes.

For more information on Arran and his career find him on LinkedIN and visit his Animation Demoreel page




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