Animation Student Graduate 2020 – Alisha Steinberger

Student Graduate 2020 – Alisha Steinberger | Griffin Animation Academy 

Teacher – Eddie Chew

FX Artist – Nora Hansenberger


Alisha Steinberger unveils her animated masterpiece ‘Tigress and Butterfly’ that she completed during her online animation course with Griffin Animation Academy. Alisha was enrolled in The “Photo Realistic Creatures in Movies” Course with Animation Founder and Teacher Eddie Chew.


Read what Alisha had to say about her experience with Griffin Animation Academy,

“Taking Griffin Animation Academy’s “Photo-realistic Creatures” course was a game changer! I’ve learned so much about all aspects of creature animation in such a condensed period of time, from finding and analyzing reference, to timing of weight, balance and finding personality in creatures.”

“I am amazed every day at the commitment Eddie puts into each and every one of his students, making sure we have the tools and knowledge we need to achieve our individual goals, not to mention his readiness to respond to any questions we may have between classes. The community all Griffin Academy students have become a part of is truly incredible, where current students and alumni share knowledge and enthusiasm for something we all love. We have all made strong friendships that will last a lifetime! And I am sure many of us will work together in the future!”

“Not only a great mentor, Eddie Chew has become an amazing friend to me and all of his students, who shows that he really cares about our careers and will go above and beyond to help us on our wild journey!”

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Sabre-Toothed Tiger Rig by Kiel Figgins


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