Animation Student Graduate – Paulo Man | FX, Lighting and Rendering

Animation Student Graduate – Paulo Man | Griffin Animation Academy

Congratulations to Paulo Man who has graduated from Griffin Animation Academy in 2019! He was enrolled in the “The Best Shot You’ve Ever Worked On” Animation Course.

Here is what Paulo had to say about his experience at Griffin Animation Academy, “Coming fresh out of school and a newbie to the industry there was still a lot I didn’t know about animation, believable body mechanics and cameras especially were things I found challenging. Eddie Chew and Griffin Animation Academy has given me a huge confidence boost with their ‘The Best Shot You’ve Ever Worked On’ course. I learnt a lot from camera moves, weight of characters and cameras, composition and how to make your shots look more presentable. I couldn’t believe how much I improved in the short 10 weeks I had with them.“

Paulo also adds,

“Eddie was very informative and thoughtful with his critiques/time. He genuinely wants his students to become the best they can be and you can see it in the final products the Griffin students create. The price is very generous for what you get out of it and the FX passes the school provides is just the cherry on top. The animation I did at Griffin is literally the best shot I’ve ever worked on! “


Paulo Man

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Ganesh Lakshmigandan

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Teacher – Eddie Chew


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