How to pose a dragon

HOW TO ANIMATE A VELOCIRAPTOR RUN Animation student – Karim Hann 0:00 Promo introduction video 0:29 Beginning of Review 1:32 Legs push the hips left and right 4:53 Ostrich reference – changing of direction 5:13 Why I use Ostrich reference for Velociraptors – Anatomy 6:18 Raptor and Ostrich anatomy comparison 7:46 Ostrich centre of balance […]

Subtext in Acting

HOW TO USE SUBTEXT IN ACTING FOR ANIMATION Animation by Natalie Spangler Animate what the character or creature is feeling, not what they are saying. Subtext is unspoken thoughts or feelings about how a character or creature actually feel which then control their actions and behavior. Animation – Natalie Spangler Animation demo reel LinkedIN Rig […]



Speaker/Animator- Alisha Steinberger
Tiger Animation – Ashish Sharma
Webinar – The Making of Tigress and Butterfly
Host/Teacher – Eddie Chew
School – Griffin Animation Academy
Course – Photo Realistic Creature Animation


Welcome to the PRO ANIM TIPS with Matt Tovar  and Griffin Animation Academy.

Here you will find a series of bite sized videos dedicated providing quick tips used to help you improve as an Animator.

Set up a 3D Animated shot

ANIMATION STARTER KIT FOR BEGINNERS How to set up a 3D Animated shot from Start to Finish Griffin Animation Academy shows 3D Animators how to setup a shot with the reference they have collected and use it to streamline their process for better results. 1. Uploading to Syncsketch 2.Selecting Keyposes from your Footage 3.Create a […]

2D drawings to 3D animation

2D DRAWINGS & 3D ANIMATION with Alisha Steinberger & Goody Wu Story & Animation by Alisha Steinberger Animation Demo Reel LinkedIN profile Story, Modelling & Texturing by Goody Wu Website LinkedIN