In 10 weeks you will have received over 10 hours of personalized recorded feedback on your shots!

‘The Best Shot You’ve Ever Worked On’ -10 Weeks to Your Perfect Demo-Reel Shot.

Designed for those beginning their Animation Careers, students, Junior Animators and Intermediate Animators looking to break into high-end TV, film or high-end games, VFX Film or animated movies as the perfect supplementary course with precision in the following:

  • A dynamic and eye-popping demo-reel shot(s) that will grab the attention of audiences and Film Studio recruiters.
  • A creative and technical work methodology used in creating high quality animation for film and games.
  • To gain confidence from the tools and skill-set of a proven workflow to produce high-end Animation.

Each student that has purchased a course will receive a personalized video edit of their completed shot! It will then be posted and shared on all of Griffin Animation Academy’s social media platforms to further increase your shot profile to really stand out as a professionally animated shot.

The Courses includes:

-10 weekly  1 hour long video chats and recordings of reviews with your teacher totaling 10 hours of personal video teachings in 10 weeks. 

-Over 30 Video tutorials (4 hours of learning videos free)

-3d FX (IF PURCHASED) -such as destruction, explosions etc.

-Access to the 2d FX library.-Access to The Griffin Animation Academy community.

-Access to professional industry guest speakers and Animation webinars each month.

-Discounts as a Griffin Animation Academy Alumni for reviews.

For the full course syllabus, to register or for more information on this and other upcoming courses contact us here.

See some of our incredible student work here:

Animation Courses Now Available – Promo | Griffin Animation Academy

Griffin Animation Academy’s ‘The Best Shot You’ve Ever Worked On’ is a 10 week online course specializing in character action shots:

Animation Student Graduate – Paulo Man – Brawl Inferno

Animation Student Graduate 2019 – by Marcelo Munoz – Robot Assassin

Animation Student Graduate 2019- Hakob Muradyan – Leap of Fate

THE BEST SHOT YOU’VE EVER WORKED ON ANIMATION Course overview | Webinar with CEO/Founder and Teacher – Eddie Chew


Photo Realistic Creatures in Movies’ Online animation course focuses on realistic creature movement and behavior.

Animation Student Graduate 2020 – Alisha Steinberger – Tigress and Butterfly

Animation Student Graduate 2020 – Ruth Taylor- Wolf in Snow

Facial Animation and Performance’ realizes acting and bringing characters and creatures to life with appealing personality while layering them with complex emotions.

Animation Student Graduate 2020 – Charles Icay- Kind Eyes

Animation Review 2020 – Natalie Spangler – How to use subtext in acting for animation