“Hello. My name is Hakob Muradyan. I am from Armenia/Yerevan. I first fell in love with animation when I was 18 and since then I had a dream to work for animation studios like Disney, Dreamworks, Sony. If you are born in a small country like Armenia your chances to achieve those dreams are low. Then I heard about Griffin Animation academy which was a brand new academy for animators.

I applied to learn at Griffin Animation Academy and now I realize that this was the best choice I’ve ever made in my career. I have learned more in 8 weeks at Griffin Animation Academy than the past 12 months trying to learn by myself.

I’ve learned so much, thanks to my awesome mentor Eddie Chew. This academy is different. Here it’s not only about learning awesome things but motivation too. I gained so much knowledge and confidence that I started to believe in my dream again.I realize now that it’s not about the country you are born in, it’s about hard work, passion and confidence to never give up on your dreams. To conclude, here is my advice to you all– If you want to become an awesome animator, take part in incredible projects and fall in love with animation, then this is the place for you. “

–Hakob Muradyan–Graduate 2019
Yerevan, Armenia.

‘The Best shot You’ve Ever Worked On’ Animation course

Applying to Griffin Academy been the best decision of my career so far.

It boosted my skill level in only 8 weeks and now I get to easily point out places where I need to improve and polish. Eddie is a great and fun instructor. At first, I thought I will have a hard time with communication and the project itself but I’m glad it turned out fun and a great learning experience. I’m very thankful to Griffin Animation Academy as it boosted not only my skills but also my confidence in the work that I do.”

–Marcelo Munoz–Graduate 2019. –The Phillipines.

‘The Best shot You’ve Ever Worked On’ Animation course

Coming fresh out of school and a newbie to the industry there was still a lot I didn’t know about animation, believable body mechanics and cameras especially were things I found challenging. Eddie Chew and Griffin Animation Academy has given me a huge confidence boost with their ‘The Best Shot You’ve Ever Worked On’ course. I learnt a lot from camera moves, weight of characters and cameras, composition and how to make your shots look more presentable. I couldn’t believe how much I improved in the short 10 weeks I had with them.

Eddie was very informative and thoughtful with his critiques/time. He genuinely wants his students to become the best they can be and you can see it in the final products the Griffin students create. The price is very generous for what you get out of it and the FX passes the school provides is just the cherry on top.

The animation I did at Griffin is literally the best shot I’ve ever worked on!

-Paulo Man– Graduate 2019–Vancouver, Canada.

‘The Best shot You’ve Ever Worked On’ Animation course

“I studied animation before this course and even if I was and still am happy with my previous school, I also knew that I still needed help in improving and mastering the many skill that animation requires. I asked Eddie about the course and we talked to make the course more suitable to my needs.
Eddie helped me improving and more important understanding better the basics of animation which are responsible for the most part the outcome of animation, I now see them more clearly and with this knowledge, I can improve even more by myself which is something very important and special to gain from a course. In addition, I learn stuff that I didn’t plan to learn or thought were less important, like the cameras and the environment and how to implement them better.”

“Eddie is a really good teacher and cares very much about his students putting a lot of effort in making sure you’re understanding, learning and getting the best result of your shot.”

-Francesca Giunchedi– Graduate 2019–Italy.

‘The Best shot You’ve Ever Worked On’ Animation course


“When I wanted to challenge myself with animating a creature – I turned to Eddie and Griffin Animation Academy for help. It was personally a challenging piece of animation because it was very dynamic and also had some nuances to the performance that I wanted to bring out more than the reference. Eddie not only provided me with very detailed draw-overs but also recorded himself critiquing my work. This process allowed me not to miss a step.”

Griffin Animation Academy really helped hone my skills frame by frame with their professionalism and attention to detail.

I highly recommend Eddie and Griffin Animation Academy to any Animator needing that extra help and push to creating an awesome shot for the reel!”

– Charles I , Canada.

Animation critiques.

Eddie is extremely detailed, every frame has to be perfect.”

I did one shot with him and I learned a tonne. I am planning to do more once I get some free time. The webinars are very informative. One should definitely try those. “

I will recommend “Griffin academy” for individuals of any level. There is always something to improve.”

-Pranav Virdi, India.

Animation critiques

When you are bettering yourself as an artist in any medium, there comes a point where your peers only know as much as you do, and can no longer give you critique to better your art. Finding a professional in the industry to critique you is essential to getting that first job. I started a wolf walk cycle with the intent of making it realistic. I reached out to Griffin Animation Academy and they immediately had notes to give. I felt like I was learning so much through different iterations and by the end, I had a very professional looking asset. My art continues to use the techniques that Eddie Chew gave me. After learning so much through Griffin Animation Academy, I went back and fixed up some earlier work of mine with the new knowledge I was given. I had been looking for a more stable job and was getting a lot of rejections, but promptly was offered a job within a short time after fixing my work. I can’t promise that you’ll find your dream job immediately after taking a course, but if you are looking to become an Animator in the industry, having professionals actively working in it is one of the best things you can do for your demo reel.”

Griffin Animation Academy is created to boost your skills and give you tools to better your eye. If you’re looking for a positive environment to get a trained, experienced animator’s eye to look at your work, Griffin Animation Academy is that and more.

“You will learn how to look at animation and become the animator you’ve always dreamed of being.”

–Natalie Spangler, USA.

Animation Critiques

“I’ve been in the cartoony animation industry for a handful of years and was keen on dipping my toes into the live action side. I knew I wanted to animate a dog but needed direction.

With the help of Griffin Animation Academy, I was able to have a better grasp at a quadruped’s physicality and learn what to look for in terms of nuances of a dog.

Eddie is always encouraging and has a sharp eye when it comes to details, which pushed me to polish it more than I thought I could.

Now, I’ve transitioned into working on a VFX show! I’m positive that my dog piece helped me land the job one way or another.

I absolutely recommend taking a course if you’re looking to improve and/or challenge your animation skills!”

–Steff Parker, Canada.

Animation Critiques

“I first met Eddie in 2006 when we animated on one of our first shows together, Zeke’s Pad in Sydney. We sat next to each other for almost a whole year so we got to know each other well. Eddie is an outstanding animator and artist. He’s also very well natured and pretty much one of the most genuine and decent guys in the industry that I know. I’m absolutely honoured to be part of Griffin Animation Academy. I’m working in a technical support, modelling and rigging capacity at the school and have dabbled in particle effects too. I hope to also complete one of the animation creature courses too at some point in the next month or so so that I can pick at Eddie’s glorious pink brain matter.”

I would certainly recommend this school to anyone interested. Eddie will guide you well and push you to make something you would be very very proud of.

Excited for the future!”

–Bachir Kazzi, Australia.

CG Generalist.


“Many of my clients had complained about how their knowledge gained from college/university don’t bring them a good job in the market. The issue is college/university and most of the learning institutions teach students theories but not the skills needed in the real job market.”

Griffin animation academy’s online courses help students to close the gap and to land their dream jobs in the animation industry.

The courses offered at Griffin Animation Academy are practical, effective, and most importantly USEFUL. For example, you want to learn 3D animation, you take the course and there you go, 8 weeks after, you are a 3D animator!

I witnessed real examples when working with Eddie’s students. I saw their demo-reels before and after, and I am amazed by how much their skills had grown. I can feel their confidence when talking about their career plans with me.

It has been a pleasure to work with Eddie and his students! Eddie and his team have years of industry experience and dedicated their effort to provide the best learning experience to students and to help new talent enter the industry.”

–Moon Wang. Top Talent Solutions Recruitment

Vancouver, Canada.



“Guest speaking for Griffin Animation Academy was an absolute pleasure.”

“Everyone who tuned in was engaged and passionate about the material discussed, and animation as a whole. It’s always energizing to be around people who are in love with the craft, and Griffin Animation Academy is filled with just that. I can see there is a lot of great work coming out of Griffin, and that the students are proud of what they produce there. I’m excited to see where they go!”

–David Han, Senior Animator and 2018 Annie Award Winner



“It was such an honor being invited to speak at one of Griffin Animation Academy’s live webinars.”

“The learning community and culture created at Griffin Animation Academy is amazing.”

‘You can tell the students and attendees are hungry and determined to become the best animators they can be and Griffin Animation Academy are proving they do it best by providing a learning platform such as free webinars for every animator to build their network, socialize with like-minded individuals and ,most importantly, grow as an artist.”


Industrial, Light and Magic Lead Animator Alfonso Sicilia.




“Having the opportunity to speak at Griffin Animation Academy’s webinar was a great honour to us both, a huge promotion for our film, and an irreplaceable experience! To give the presentation to interested participants, who are eager to learn allowed us to go deeper into various aspects of film making and really demonstrating our strengths. It is so amazing to present to, and become a part of the Griffin community!”

“Really in all honesty was the most amazing experience!”

Alisha Steinberger and Goody Wu

August 2019 Webinar titled ‘THE ART OF BLENDING 2D and 3D-THE MAKING OF A SHORTFILM”.