Following a workshop at Griffin with Eddie as a mentor has radically changed me in many ways as an animator, artist and human ! No one has given me the time and pushed me as far into my work as Eddie has done, we can say he's a real perfectionist! I can say that polishing my animation is something that I've learned at Griffin and god knows how much polishing your animation is important for a Demo Reel if you which to apply to any studio. My journey at Griffin will certainly change my life in the near future and help me reach my ultimate goal. I will forever be grateful for the knowledge I gained, and it has definitely motivated me to take another one at Griffin !


Brussles, Belgium - Graduate 2021

"Finding Griffin Animation Academy and taking a course "The Best Shot You've Ever Done" was the best decision I have ever made. It was an incredible journey with Eddie and this journey was more than learning about animation. Eddie is patient, knowledgeable and encouraging. You are a true teacher!"

Gail Kim

Vancouver, Canada - Graduate 2021

"From the first lesson, Eddie’s emphasis on thorough research, dynamic shot construction and cinematic action pushed my skills beyond what I had accomplished in the past. It was my first time attempting quadruped animation, but the challenge was incredibly rewarding and Eddie’s precise feedback and knowledge of quadruped locomotion carried me through!

Eleonore Dambre

France - Graduate 2021

“The mentor ship which I received from Eddie helped me gain my confidence and reach a goal that I never thought would ever be possible. In short, Eddie is truly a gifted and a phenomenal teacher.”

Steve Filatch

Florida, U.S.A. - Graduate 2020

“Thank you Griffin Animation Academy for helping me level up and gain more confidence overall. It was tough and challenging, but ultimately, it was very rewarding. Bring in your passion and hard work. You won’t regret it!”

Mariel Sanchez

Toronto, Canada - Graduate 2020

"Without a doubt the best animation course that I have taken. Eddie is more than a teacher, he is a friend who helps you with your animation and you learn a lot from him. And the Griffin Animation Academy community is great. There will always be someone to help you if you have technical problems or anything."

Juan garcia

Mexico - Graduate 2020

“Over the course of the class, I could see my idea, expand, adapt, and become fully realized. I can’t express how happy I am with the shot progression and the sheer amount of experience I gained from working with Eddie. I’d do it all again in a heartbeat! Not only did I animate THE BEST SHOT I’VE EVER WORKED ON, but this was THE BEST CLASS I’VE EVER TAKEN!”.

Nicholas Mills

U.S.A - Graduate 2020

“I learned so much doing this course! I especially learned a lot about weight, posing, timing and spacing. I also learned that the motivation of a creature will make it move differently and that the size of a creature will have an influence on the way it moves.”

Ruth Taylor

Amsterdam, Netherlands. - Graduate 2020

“If you have passion for animation and want to get some serious knowledge, I would recommend to join Griffin Animation Academy.”

Yogesh Khairnar

India - Graduate 2020

“I applied to learn at Griffin Animation Academy and now I realize that this was the best choice I’ve ever made in my career. I have learned more in 8 weeks at Griffin Animation Academy than the past 12 months trying to learn by myself. “

Hakob muradyan

Yerevan, Armenia - Graduate 2019

“Applying to Griffin Academy been the best decision of my career so far! I’m very thankful to Griffin Animation Academy as it boosted not only my skills but also my confidence in the work that I do.”

Marcelo munoz

Philliphines - Graduate 2019

“Eddie was very informative and thoughtful with his critiques/time. He genuinely wants his students to become the best they can be and you can see it in the final products the Griffin students create. The price is very generous for what you get out of it and the FX passes the school provides is just the cherry on top.“

Paulo man

Vancouver, Canada - Graduate 2019

“Eddie is a really good teacher and cares very much about his students putting a lot of effort in making sure you’re understanding, learning and getting the best result of your shot.”

francesca giunchedi

Italy – Graduate 2019

“I was on the fence about picking this course but I believe it was probably the best thing I could have done for my career.”

Tayo Falaiye

U.S.A - Graduate 2020

"In the 15 weeks of being mentored I learned way more than in my whole career. If you’re looking to take your animation skills to multiple levels from what it is now. Enrol into Griffin Animation Academy, it’s a golden investment."

Francisco Comancho

Vancouver, Canada - Graduate 2020

"Joining the workshop is one of the best thing I’d done in my career. Also I get to know so many other amazingly talented artists. I learned animation by myself but Eddie being my first mentor, I get to surf on the next level. Eddie is an amazing mentor!!"

Ajay Saini

India – Graduate 2020

“Griffin Animation Academy is created to boost your skills and give you tools to better your eye. If you’re looking for a positive environment to get a trained, experienced animator’s eye to look at your work, Griffin Animation Academy is that and more.“

Natalie Spangler

Animation Criqitues - 2019

natalie spangler
“With the help of Griffin Animation Academy, I was able to have a better grasp at a quadruped’s physicality and learn what to look for in terms of nuances of a dog. Now, I’ve transitioned into working on a VFX show! I’m positive that my dog piece helped me land the job one way or another.“

Stephanie Parker

Animation Critiques - 2019

"Taking Griffin Animation Academy’s “Photo-realistic Creatures” course was a game changer! I’ve learned so much about all aspects of creature animation in such a condensed period of time, from finding and analyzing reference, to timing of weight, balance and finding personality in creatures."

Alisha steinberger

Vancouver, Canada – Graduate 2020

“Griffin Animation Academy is created to boost your skills and give you tools to better your eye. If you’re looking for a positive environment to get a trained, experienced animator’s eye to look at your work, Griffin Animation Academy is that and more.“

Meenu Shekhawat

India - Graduate 2020

“While doing the creature shot with Eddie, I learned a lot about how to use and analyze references for animation. I also learned how to animate and use a camera to create a more cinematic quality to the shot.“

Pranabananda Bhattacharjee

India - Graduate 2020

“Eddie is extremely detailed, every frame has to be perfect. I will recommend “Griffin academy” for individuals of any level. There is always something to improve.”

Pranav Virdi

Animation Critiques - 2019

“I would recommend Griffin Animation Academy to any animator at any level of comfort.”


Animation Critiques - 2019

“If you are looking for a great review to improve your work for your demo reel or anything else he’s your man ! “

Karim hann

Animation Critiques - 2019

"Griffin Animation Academy really helped hone my skills frame by frame with their professionalism and attention to detail. Eddie and Griffin Animation Academy provide an amazing course. I highly recommend this course for anyone that wants to improve their skills and portfolio.”

Charles icay

Vancouver, Canada - Graduate 2020

"Griffin Animation Academy is the best ! I did many different workshop in the past but there's nothing like Griffin Academy. Eddie is the best teacher you can get, he helped me to push and polish every details as far as possible. He also gave me more self-confidence, explains to me all the mistakes and gave tips at each step of the process."

Tonhi Nguyen

Brussels, Belgium - Graduate 2020

"I have taken other online workshops before, but with Griffin, you find yourself working passionately on a cool shot with a best pal, Eddie. I think Griffin Academy is the best thing in 2020 to me!"

David Cheng

Vancouver, Canada - Graduate 2020

"I am grateful to Griffin Academy for providing me this learning platform to enhance my animation skills and achieve new level of accuracy with meticulous approach. Eddie is very professional in his approach and yet a very good Friend to learn from , which makes him a unique Animation Guru. I would like to recommend Eddie to all aspirants who dreams to become world class animator."

ashish sharma

India - Graduate 2020

"I have always wanted to animate big and heavy creatures, with the amazing mentoring by Eddie. Not only did I achieve my goal, in the duration of his course I learned a ton and gained more confidence in my own abilities! Great Course and a wonderful community."

Henrik Eia

Norway - Graduate 2020

"I've enrolled in GAA after a call with Eddie on which bounced ideas and talked about what I wanted to get out of the workshop, from the start all the feedback was brilliant and more important than that was his ideas input which helped a bunch improve my shot, my animation and how I approach a shot."

Ivan Xavier

London, England - Graduate 2020




Observational learning describes the process of learning by watching others, retaining the information, and then later replicating the behaviors that were observed. ... In psychology, this is referred to as observational learning. Observational learning is sometimes called shaping, modeling, and vicarious reinforcement.

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