Webinars and workshops

These webinar presentation videos are for training and instructional purposes only. The information and videos contained will not be shared or distributed with anyone or organisation without expressed written consent by Eddie Chew or the studios in which the film rights and intellectual properties they belong to. No profits were made making these videos. They were all free educational workshops.

To view the webinars email greygriffin369@gmail.com for instructions.



Professional Animation Tutorial Webinar | Approach to Creature Animation Part 1 | Live Demo Maya | Anton Blake

‘How to Breakdown Animation Frame by Frame’ | Arran Baker | February 2020 

‘How to Create Your Own Action Shots and Freelance as a 3D Animator’ | Joe Toole | January 2020

How to get the correct feedback from Supervisors and Clients | Jeremy Stewart | WEBINAR | Dec 2019

How to create an animated TV show in UNITY | NORMAN’S ISLAND by NATHAN THOMAS | 16 Nov 2019

How to Create a Dynamic Shot:DINO PUNCH | EDDIE CHEW | WEBINAR | 19 Oct 2019 |

Facial animation of humans and creatures | GRIFFIN ANIMATION ACADEMY | By AIDAN MARTIN | SEPT 2019

How to Create an Epic Short Film | WEBINAR | ALISHA AND GOODY | ACROSS THE BRIDGE | AUGUST 2019

How to animate Photo realistic Creature Animation in Movies

| By Alfonso Sicilia | | 20th July 2019

How to animate with Stylistic Animation and Action | by David Han | | June 2019